L2Excess ONLINE !! we reached a good amount of players online in start date everyone was happy, and we hope more and more people will join us soon ! so come on and join us and show everyone what you got ! Dont forget to keep inviting everyone ! .


The Grand Opening of Server 18/01/2015!!!
16:00 +2 GMT !!

Changes 19/01/2015:

1)HARD FARM ZONE mob drops increased and all FARM ZONES
2)Baium Drop increased
3)More Balanced, and we will keep working on it
4)More Advertisement
5)Keep telling us all the problems you find and we will try our best to fix them

Changes 15/01/2015:

1)Better advertisement and more work towards server improvement
2)Better Balance / Better GamePlay
3)Added Hard Farm Zone Drop : Claw of Leopard/Apiga
4)Added Life Stone Zone Pk/PvP Drop : Top Life Stone/Apiga
5)Added Life Stone Zone No Pk Drop : Top Life Stone/Apiga
6)Added Baium into Custom Gatekeeper
7)Changed Custom Item Prices
8)Changed Level 2 Armor - Armor's Moirai and Fire Armor's (every 2 weeks new armor's)
9)Changed Level 2 Weapons - Valakas Weapons
10)Raid Boss Anakim and Baylor will be added in 2 weeks time with level 5 tatto